Gender Identity/Trans Advocates and Criticisms of Gender Critical Feminists

Disclaimer: I do not hold these views. Therefore, in order to preserve fairness of representation, I have summarized, quoted and referenced those who do. These arguments are not my own and can be explored in more detail by internet searching with terms such as transgender and gender critical.

A brief review of the beliefs of gender identity/trans advocates:

Trans Advocates

  1. Anyone can be a woman or man
  2. Female and male are social constructs, there is nothing inherently male or female
  3. Biological sex is a spectrum, complex and not distinct, e.g. intersex
  4. Sex specific socialization depends on internal identity, e.g. trans women have never had male socialization or privilege
  5. Belief in brain sex theory, e.g. a man may be born with a “female brain”
  6. Gender is an internal identity with woman/man or female/male
  7. Biological sex is assigned, complex, irrelevant for segregation and can be fundamentally changed

Criticism of gender critical feminists

  1. Agreement with right-wing, conservative ideology, e.g. bathrooms should be sex segregated
  2. Belief in “scientifically inaccurate” sex binary, e.g. refusal to acknowledge intersex and the “sex spectrum”
  3. Misrepresentation of issues, e.g. women’s and/or children’s safety concerns
  4. Promotion of biological essentialism by “reducing people to their genitals”
  5. Encouragement to detransition
  6. Dismissal of gender identity, e.g. recognition of sex as harmful to transgender persons
  7. Refusal to support the transition process, e.g. critical of puberty blockers, sex reassignment surgery
  8. Hatred of trans people, e.g. accusations of transphobia, bigots, discrimination
  9. The painting of trans women and men as predators, e.g. “bathroom myth”
  10. Inciting violence by being critical, e.g. criticism of gender identity as “hate speech”
  11. Responsible for the exclusion, discrimination and murder of trans people
    1. Exclusion from spaces and language, e.g. “ciscentric” speech
    2. Women’s only spaces/events as discrimination, e.g. MichFest
    3. Murder via promotion of a “hateful ideology”
  12. Advocate the superiority of women and hate men, e.g. female supremacists
  13. Refusal to acknowledge transphobia, e.g. idea that gender non-conforming persons suffer from misogyny and/or homophobia rather than transphobia

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