Criticisms of Trans Advocacy

Gender critical feminists also criticize the mainstream trans rights movement for the following reasons:

1) Infringement on the rights of individuals, particularly women, to perform normal everyday activities in previously legally protected spaces based on sex, e.g. bathrooms, locker rooms, etc.

  • Refusal to acknowledge benefits and importance of legal separation in sex segregated spaces for women
  • Flat out denial that trans women may harm women in these spaces or that individuals may co-opt trans identity for improper purpose in these spaces
  • Support for violent prisoners claiming a female gender identity to be moved to women’s prisons
  • The refusal to acknowledge the effect of redefining “women” in terms of discrimination and women’s health services, e.g. Title IX applies to transgender students, preventive women’s health clinics now offer women’s health screens for trans women
  • The insistence on inclusion in women’s colleges and athletic teams, thus taking spaces away from females
  • The reframing of women-only space as discriminatory
  • The persistent conflation of individual exclusion with denial of human rights, e.g. private events/gatherings

2) Support of sex reassignment surgery, legal name and gender change for all persons, including abusive men and violent prisoners

  • Obstruction of accurate documentation of male violence
  • Refusal to acknowledge increase in violent predators claiming trans status
  • Refusal to acknowledge or address the existence of autogynephiles and other fetishists in the community

3) The abuse, harassment and silencing of any individuals who express disagreement with the trans ideology, including trans individuals, e.g. “terf” as a slur and silencing tactic

  • The attempts to shut down any events or organizations that do not center or include them, e.g. VRR and MichFest
  • The persistent conflation of words and opinions with violence and hate crimes, e.g. misgendering and prevention from access to sex segregated spaces as “violence”
  • Repeated policing and silencing of discussions centered on female biology, e.g. “not all women have periods”
  • Consistent minimization, devaluation, policing and silencing of women’s experiences, e.g. women’s health & reproductive issues, female socialization, past trauma
  • Insistence that people, especially lesbians, are “transphobic” if they are not attracted to or will not have sex trans persons, including rape and abuse survivors
  • The persistent blaming of women for male violence

4) The appropriation and re-writing of gay and lesbian history and culture, e.g. erasure of lesbians and lesbian space

5) The uncritical promotion of transition and sex reassignment surgery without proper research and evidence based guidelines

  • The increasing demand that parents and health professionals diagnose and medicalize children, despite contradictory research and reinforcement of gender stereotypes

6) The redefining of language and insistence on inclusion in all women issues, e.g. trans women and abortion as not “just a woman’s issue”

  • Reductionist language and/or re-defining women in terms of men so as not to “exclude” trans women, e.g. “people with vaginas, uterus bearers, etc.” and/or “non-men”
  • The refusal to acknowledge the redefining of “woman” and “womanhood” by males

7) The persistent misrepresentation and appropriation of feminist arguments, e.g. Simone de Beauvoir’s quote on woman is made not born as supportive of trans ideology rather than the socialization of women

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