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Trans Male Violence

Disclaimer: The purpose of this site is simply to document. This site does not encourage or condone discrimination against trans men and women. It is in no way intended to demonize trans men and trans women any more than reporting on any other types of violence demonize women or men. Presentation of research data is simply that, presentation of research data.

A common myth in popular media is that trans women are never violent and pose no threat to women or children. While this may be the case for many trans women, it is certainly not the case for all and it is dishonest to suggest otherwise. The following represents a list of crimes committed specifically by trans women. It only includes cases where trans or gender identity was claimed or diagnosed. Cross dressers and other males under the transgender umbrella are not included.

  1. Peter Rogers/Debbie Vincent – Theft, threats and bombs:
  2. James Randall Smith – Kidnapping and child rape:
  3. Tania Veilleux – Sexual assault of a child:
  4. Luis Morales/Synthia China-Blast – Rape and murder of a child:
  5. Melissa Young – Murders neighbor over rejecting Christmas gift:
  6. Two dozen eunuchs – Battery:
  7. Yesenia Patino – Murders lover’s wife and frames him: &
  8. Wolfgang “Beate” Schmidt – Serial rapist and murderer: &
  9. Rodney Quine/Shiloh Quine – Kidnapping, robbery and murder:
  10. Jeffrey Bryan Norsworthy/Michelle-Lael Norsworthy – Murders man over disagreement:
  11. Robert Hilton/Rebecca Hilton – Murder:
  12. Richard Masbruch – Serial rapist housed in women’s prison:
  13. David Wesley Birrell/Bella-Christina Birrell, Steve “Nikkas” Alamillo, Willie “Mena” Murphy & Thomas “Lisa” Strawn – Murder x2 and burglary x2:
  14. Lyralisa Stevens – Murder woman with shotgun in dispute over clothes:
  15. Noel Crompton/Maddison Hall – Murder and rape after moved to women’s facility:
  16. Paul Luckman/Nicole Louise Pearce – Kidnapping, torture and rape of a child:
  17. Yolanda Gonzalez – Murder:
  18. Ronny Edward Darnell – Repeated rape of a child:
  19. Michelle Kosilek – Murders wife by near decapitation with a piano wire:
  20. Dillon Andrew Shadle/Riley Nicole Shadle – Sexual assault of a child, child porn:
  21. Michael Stokes/Ophelia De’lonta – Robbery, drugs and weapons:
  22. Ronald “Erika” Hood – Child rapist, child porn:
  23. Peter Laing/Paris Green – Battery, torture and murder, moved to another women’s facility after “sexual relations” with female inmates:
  24. Vance Egglestone/Shauna Taylor – Serial rapist:
  25. James Elliot Wolfe/Jessica Elaine Wolfe – Child rape:,6081889&hl=en
  26. Mark Brooks/Jessica Brooks – Murder:
  27. Paul Deyner – Serial killer seeks sex change, “hates women in general”:
  28. John Pilley/Jane Anne Pilley – Kidnapping and attempted murder:
  29. Philip Taplin – Murder:
  30. David Cross/Kelly Denise Richards – Armed robbery:
  31. Douglas Wakefield/Tai Pilley Wakefield – Murder:
  32. Matthew “Maxine” Richardson – Murder of a prostitute:
  33. Geoffrey Ian Websdale/Michelle Websdale – Murder of a girl who rejected him and two others:
  34. Donald Geoffrey McPherson/Kimmie McPherson – Murder:
  35. Glen Robert Askeborn/Samantha Glenner – Child abuse, battery and murder:
  36. Jeanne Marie Druley – Murder:
  37. Reginald Cathanie Artis – Battery and child rape:
  38. Bruce Rivers/Renee Rivers – Sexual assault of children:
  39. Keith “Rebecca” Elmore – Kidnapping, sexual assault, “cannibalistic fantasies”:
  40. Douglas “Donna” Perry – Serial killer of prostitutes:
  41. Patrick Hagan – Assault of woman at a bar:
  42. Marcus Alexander – Sexual assault of a child:
  43. Christopher “Kitty” Grey – Sexual assault of a child:
  44. Phillip “Sabrina” Trujillo – Assault, theft and robbery:
  45. Paul Daniel Raynal – Theft:
  46. Michael Scott Harmon/Raven Navajo – Assault and murder:
  47. Lewis Stevens/Lennea Elizabeth Stevens – Child porn:
  48. Steven Arnold/Ashley Arnold – Child porn, sexual assault of a child:
  49. Michael Adams Jr – Murdered girlfriend as she tried to leave:
  50. Christopher Ivan Broome – Rape and attempted assault:
  51. Qasim Anwar – Rapes drunk woman, claims she “lead him on”:
  52. Timothy Myers/Linda Myers – Sexual assault of children:
  53. Christopher Lynch/Pasha Nicole – Pimping a 16 year old trans male:
  54. Ann Edmead – Rape and assault of a child:
  55. Levandus Gacutan – Sexual assault of a child:
  56. Isaiah Johnson – Sexual assault of a special needs boy in a bathroom:
  57. Zyah Jonas – Indecent exposure to children:
  58. Daniel Carlson/Catherine Carlson – Making pipe bombs and indecent exposure:
  59. Colleen Francis – Indecent exposure to women and children:
  60. Richard Sharpe – Theft, masturbation into his daughter’s underwear, murder:
  61. Clare Lawton & Peter Steel – Battery and rape:
  62. Paula Witherspoon – Sexual assault of children:
  63. Kristoffer Jon Ross/Kristina Ross – Aggravated battery, impersonating a doctor in order to fondle women:
  64. Benjamin Whited – Rape, claims “gender identity crisis”:
  65. Sopa – Attempted rape of elderly woman because “he was drunk”:
  66. Randall Donald Rye/Susan Elizabeth Rye – Sexual abuse of a child:
  67. Dana McCallum/Dana Contreras – Rape:
  68. Jonathan “Johanna” Wolf – Rape:
  69. Matthew “Maddie” Smith – Murder:
  70. Mark van N – Murder and mutilation of hundred of patient’s teeth:
  71. Derek “Shanika” Sinden – Battery, robbery and murder:
  72. Sean Paul Gossman – Child porn, wants “true depictions of rape and sexual abuse of children”:
  73. Christopher King/Kryzie King/Janaie Jones – Child abuse, torture and murder:
  74. Matthew Edward Belcher/Talia Belcher – Soliciting boy for sex:
  75. Stacie Laughton – Bomb threat and fraud:
  76. Madrid airbnb host – Sexual assault:
  77. Trans woman at the Y – Leering and indecent exposure:
  78. Matthew Harks/Madilyn Rebecca Harks – Pedophile:
  79. Lavarita Meriwether – Murder:
  80. “A” – Attempted rape and murder:
  81. Tara Hudson – Assault:
  82. Jaris Lovado/Bianca Sawyer – Robbery and fraud:
  83. “Jane Doe” – Assault:
  84. Jason LaPre/Catarina LePre – Child rape:
  85. Michael Hernandez Contreras/Eva “Amazon” Contreraz, many others check petitions – Murder:
  86. Charleston Francisco/Veronica Bolina – Attempted murder and assault:
  87. Joseph David Fialkowski/Julianna Tourmaline Fialkowski – Kidnapping, rape and strangulation of a child:
  88. NYC trans woman – Battery for “misgendering”:
  89. Unknown trans woman on a bus – Attacks man for talking:
  90. Thai trans teen – Battery of another trans teen: see Planet Transgender “thai trans teen beats another trans teen”
  91. Wichai Sripalang & unknown trans woman “ladyboy” – Battery of tourist x2:
  92. Unknown trans woman prostitute – Battery of client:
  93. “Oh” – Battery of children:
  94. Kenneth “Monica” Mason – Battery:
  95. Thomas Lee Benson – Child molester:
  96. Aaron “Erin” Lagrand – Child rapist:
  97. Austin Christopher Wikels/Gina Gessner – Sexual assault:
  98. Stuart Kelly/Katelyn Findlay – Registered sex offender, robbery and assault:
  99. James Cid/Jamie Cid – Battery:
  100. David Megarry/Sandy Jo Battista – Child rape:!comment=1 &
  101. Edward “Toni” Brunetta/Aja Kennedy – Check fraud, embezzling:
  102. Elissa Marcelle – Statutory rape:
  103. James E. Mead/Andrea James – Sexualization of minors, harassment:
  104. Dennis Wayne Woolbert/Allison Woolbert – Child rape:
  105. Robert Floyd Brown Jr/Alicia Jade Brown – Producing, distributing child porn:
  106. Richard Speck – Systematic rape and murder of female students:
  107. Edward Dean Stevens/Anny May Stevens – Theft, robbery and murder:
  108. Vonlee Nicole Titlow – Murder:
  109. Katherine Anne Johnson – Murder:
  110. Centia Renee Martin – Near decapitation of an elderly man:
  111. Alan M.Outman/Sara Outman – Sexual assault and murder:
  112. Glenn Nelson/Leslie Ann Nelson – Murder of a police officer with an AK-47:
  113. Sydney Sezer/Lisa Summers – Molesting a child:
  114. Chay’Im BenSholom – Burglary and execution style murder:
  115. Nouchie Vellon – Rape:
  116. Scott Konitzer/Donna Dawn Konitzer – Armed robbery, stabbing an inmate:
  117. Michael Curtis – Rape of a child:
  118. Jade Follett – Stabbing a man:
  119. Jackie Tates – Making death threats:
  120. Melissa Cae – Stabbing a child:
  121. Paul Morris/Joanne Morris – Bomb making:
  122. Christopher “Keema” Antwain Russell – Molests children: &
  123. John Paul Wells/Epona Wells – Assault and harassment:
  124. Donald Waelde – Bestiality:
  125. Shawn Cronin/Emmagene Kaytlyn Cronin – Battery and harassment:
  126. Walter Miller/Julia Morgan – Murder of female therapist who refuses gender identity disorder:
  127. James Joseph Allard/Jennifer Katherine Allard – Child rapist:
  128. Michael Trujillo/Michelle Trujillo – Attempted sexual assault of a child:–327814271.html
  129. Andrew Reid – Battery and murder:
  130. Maikobi Shawn Burks/Mia Kobi-Burks – Murder:
  131. William Karl Olsen – Serial child rapist:
  132. Rodney S. White Jr – Sexual assault of a child:
  133. Raymond Crawford-Tand/Rockelle Annalin Dedbeaunay – Raped and abused a child, now reported as “female”: &
  134. Laurence Bynum Harris – Battery and attempted murder of boyfriend:
  135. Wesley Ross Mullins/Dezeray Marie Roblero-Barrios – Molests child in a bathroom, admits to molesting 4 more children previously:
  136. Alan Baker/Sarah Baker – Kidnapping, torture and attempted murder:
  137. Daniel Turner – Kidnapping and molesting a child, claims “gender identity”:
  138. Teresa Brugliera – Life sentence:
  139. Lee Gustafson – Sexual assault of children, claims “gender identity”:
  140. Jarvis June “Lady Jae” Clark – Murder:
  141. Curtis Gene Copeland – Registered sex offender exposes himself to little girl:
  142. Seth “Venus” Rountree – Murder:
  143. Charles Norwood – Battery:
  144. Daniel James Miskowski/Jami Naturalite – Prostitution/pandering, controlled substances delivery/manufacturing and extortion:
  145. Thomas Lamb – Kidnapping, rape and murder:
  146. Louis Massei/Lisa Massei – Kidnapping, gang rape and sodomy:
  147. Theodore “Francine” Lorigo – Registered sex offender found on school grounds:
  148. Lynnsey Evakarla Braun – Murder:
  149. Joseph Patrick Bueche – Battery after woman forgets “gender preference”:
  150. Gregory Schwartz – Assault in a bathroom:
  151. David Scott Teeter/Heather Teeter – Child rapist:
  152. David Dwayne Cassady – Kidnapping and sodomy:
  153. William Gray – Murder:
  154. Craig Hudson/Kimberley Green – Imprisonment, torture and murder:
  155. Thomas Mark Cross/Teresa Monica Cross – Aggravated assault:
  156. Lamar McQueen – Murder:
  157. Herman “Peaches” Burton – Murder, arson and abuse of a corpse:
  158. Cameron J. Briggs/Lilian Briggs – Aggravated assault:
  159. Richard Chaperon/Richard Kavanagh/Synthia Kavanagh – Murder:
  160. Thomas Roy Forster – Battery and murder:
  161. John “Johnny” Jacobson Jr/Skylar Deleon – Armed burglary and murder:
  162. Tyqwon Eugene Welch – Threats, attempted murder, possession of a bomb and arson:
  163. Jewlyes Gutierrez – Battery:
  164. Anthony G. Casebeer/Anne Casebeer – Threats and harassment:
  165. Alberto Robledo/Ally Robledo – Battery and trespassing:
  166. Philip Walker Rosati/Mia Rosati – Murder:
  167. Majid Kolestani – Murder:
  168. John Mark Karr/ Delia Alexis Reich – Recruit little girls for sex:
  169. Andrea Chichi – Pimp and prostitute boys:
  170. Jeremy Owens/Jamie Owens – Flashing breast implants:
  171. Stacey Schnee – Flashing breast implants for “equality”:
  172. Anya Adora – Threatening students:
  173. Daniel C. Tyce/”Danielle Smith” – Impersonating a real veterinarian, fraud:
  174. Ramon Chavez Tovar – Solicit boys for sex:
  175. Daryl Rasmussen/Ms. Puppy – Double murder of gay couple:
  176. Sophia Dalke – Assault of police officer while attempted armed suicide, threatening to harm others:
  177. Laura Voyce – Child pornography, escapes prison due to trans status:
  178. Roy A Mitchell Jr – Child rapist, battery:
  179. Senthooran/Nina Kanagasingham – Murder of another trans woman Sonia Burgess:
  180. Ricardo/Elisa Sambrano – Assaulted a woman with a bottle after called a man dressed in women’s clothing:
  181. Yasmien Love – Attempted murder of ex boyfriend at his office on school grounds:
  182. Jane Maria Nicholson – Engaging in sex acts with minors as young as 13 years old, board member of SouthBay LGBT Center: &
  183. Xena M Grandichelli/Jeffrey Willsea – Convicted of rape, becomes trans rights activist:
  184. Albert Webber/Dee Dee Webber – Convicted child rapist:
  185. Duane Leeroy Fox – Convicted sex offender:
  186. David Andrews/Reena Andrews – Murder of a trans man and suicide:
  187. Merci Chrisette/Chrissy Jackson – Threatens to cut a woman and man’s faces on public transportation:
  188. Mark Turton/Christopher Lewis/Kristen Lukess – Convicted child rapist arrested for violating sex offender prevention order: &
  189. David Ayrton/Davina Ayrton – Convicted child rapist:
  190. James “Jimmy” Lilly – Youth minister charged with multiple counts of sexual abuse:
  191. Taliah Nelson – Murder of a man:
  192. Stanley F Cuyler – Voyuerism:
  193. Torkill Teriyaki Holcomb & Janiyah Littman – Two trans women charged with assault:
  194. Gina Owen – Sexual abuse of a 13 year old boy:


Edit: updated and reformatted as of 3/25/2016