The Demographics of the Transgender Population

A chapter on transgender persons from the International Handbook on the Demography of Sexuality:

“We want to stress at the outset of this chapter that the task of representing the transgender population is nothing if not daunting. The difficulties, as we see them, stem from two main sources: (1) though a general “trans” sensibility exists in both the United States and worldwide, there are currently few measurable and/or standardized criteria (e.g. physical, social, political, etc.) regarding what might or should constitute a transgender person; and (2) problems with locating and accounting for this population are compounded by the relative invisibility through which many transgender individuals exist in their daily lives. Marginalized by political, religious, legal, medical, and other cultural institutions, transgender persons encounter levels of discrimination that range from simple misapprehension and exclusion by an uneducated public, to explicit acts of sexual and physical violence (Mizock and Lewis 2008;Richmond et al. 2012).

Indeed, many in what is often referred to as the mainstream, including transgender individuals, are first exposed to the idea of “transgender” through media that sensationalize and misrepresent the issues most salient for this population. In this chapter, we attempt to correct, as well as explain the bases for many of the unfounded and problematic assumptions made about transgender persons in the contemporary U.S.”

See more at MeierLabuski_DemographyChap

Topics included: gender identity, sexual orientation, trans worldwide prevalence, trans prevalence in children, standards of care, hormonal treatment and effects, surgery information and cost, incidence of mental health issues, therapy, family and labor demographics and gender non-conformance worldwide.

Worldwide prevalence charts:

trans prev

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