Post-op Trouble

Disclaimer: The purpose of this site is simply to document. This site does not encourage or condone discrimination against trans men and women. It is in no way intended to demonize trans men and trans women any more than reporting on any other types of violence demonize women or men. Presentation of research data is simply that, presentation of research data.

It is a common perception that those who have undergone sex reassignment surgery are both no longer violent or capable of penetrative sex or rape. This is a myth.

The vast majority of trans women have intact male genitalia even after sex reassignment surgery. In many cases, an orchidectomy, or surgical removal of the testes, is performed. This is termed surgical castration. Chemical castration involves administration of androgen (male sex hormone) blockers and estrogen (female sex hormone) replacement.

Neither method of castration prevents penile erection or ability for penetrative sex. Men who are surgically or chemically castrated for health reasons are still capable of erection. Sex drive may be decreased in some men, however, with the use of modern medicines, such as Viagra, Cialis, Levitra, etc., most men and trans women will still be perfectly able to experience erection.

There is a false belief among transitioners and the general population that taking female hormones may make one less dangerous, but this is not the case. We should keep in mind that when it comes to violent men, hormones are not the issue. Many trans women will take estrogen hormonal therapy and still commit crimes at the same rate as men.

The following is a list of specifically post-op trans women. Although some crimes may have been committed before sex reassignment surgery, those included also have documented issues after surgery. Some trans women have self-castrated and are documented as post-op. This is not a list of trans women who have been granted sex reassignment surgery while in prison or have undergone surgery after committing crimes.




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