This site is dedicated to documenting the evolving conflict between the mainstream transgender rights movement and women’s rights.

Background information pages are available for those new to this topic and include information on the differences between sex and gender, trans and intersex conditions, classifying sex at birth and assignment of gender throughout life.

Let’s jump right in!

The mainstream transgender rights movement differs from gender critical advocates for women’s rights in two main ways. Transgender rights advocates suggest that:

  1. Sex differences are minor and can be changed
  2. Gender is freely chosen expression and personality

Gender critical advocates suggest that sex differences exist, are important and cannot be changed. They suggest that gender is not expression and personality, but rather a social construct applied externally by society throughout life.

In addition, each branch of thought differs on how terms, such as women and men, are defined.

The cases and criticisms made for each ideology and branch of advocacy can be found in the background section.

Edited: The purpose of this site is simply to document. This site does not encourage or condone discrimination against trans men and women. It is in no way intended to demonize trans men and trans women any more than reporting on any other types of violence demonize women or men. Presentation of research data is simply that, presentation of research data.



Edited: While discussion is allowed here, comments will be moderated. This means that disparaging or insulting comments will not be published and slurs on either side will not be tolerated.

Any inquiries, suggestions or submissions of relevant material may be sent to

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